Indoor air carries many harmful viruses, bacteria, mold spores and ultra-fine dust and must be cleaned regularly, to make it safe. Our AirSafe filters do just that.

Available for the first time ever to residential clients, our filters scrub sub-micron sized airborne respiratory viruses, bacteria, allergens and dust from the air.

By installing AirSafe filters on a standard fan, you will reduce airborne particles in a room by up to 93% in 12 hours.

AirSafe truly is a breakthrough in creating healthy indoor air.  It’s like putting a safety mask on your home

Why do I need such High Filtration?

This chart shows how small virus and bacteria particles are.  But in this part of the world, it’s not just the sub-micron particles that are dangerous. 
Very fine dust, called “permanently suspended particles” are also a danger, because they get inside your home, and then they build up in the lungs.
Ultra-fine dust is disturbed every time you wipe a surface, because the dust becomes airborne again for a time.
AirSafe captures ALL these airborne contaminants whenever you switch on your fan with our filter attached to the back.

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